Playing Lasertag


It’s best to think of Lasertag as a game of shoot em up! ┬áThe main difference is you “tag” a player with a phasor, which disables the opponent for a few seconds.

For your experience at Laser Tag Wagga your game will be played in a fluorescent three level arena, famous for losing people in its tricky corridors! Music is pounding into the arena and your enemy are everywhere !. To play the game you wear a special vest with a “phasor” (a futuristic looking gun). The game can be played as either a solo free-for-all, or as a strategic team game. We have heaps of game scenarios.

The objective of the game, is to use your phasor to tag your enemy and avoid being tagged. You can also attack your opponents home base, which will give you bonus points, and maybe even a unique ability.


Lasertag Wagga offers a range of Sessions specifically designed to get the most out of your laser game experience. Whether you are just looking to come in and play a game or two, or looking for a Birthday Party we can cater for any need, just give us a call and we’d luv to help.


Corporate functions are available almost any time you want them. Corporate bookings are the most flexible bookings at Lasertag Wagga. We are totally flexible to suit your needs.

Corporate functions can take the form of a general party format with two games, food drinks and catering. Or you may wish a daytime event with 15 or so staff coming in for two games at the group rate. The more popular choice is the per hour booking, which gives exclusive use of the arena, game time flexibility, and most importantly PLENTY of game time!

contact page for more information regarding opening times, and contact details.


Lasertag Wagga offers heaps of different game scenarios! To experience them all you will need to become a member and participate in a few of our members nights, held weekly on Friday Nights.


Laser-tag is a non-contact shoot em up game, played in a fluorescent arena with obstacles and bases. For this reason, Lasertag Wagga must enforce some practical Rules of play. Players at Lasertag Wagga must obey directions given by Staff (whom are easily identifiable by their black and green staff shirts).

When you play laser tag you will be given a briefing on how to play the game, how your vest and phasor work and the rules of play.


School Holidays – Weekdays & Weekends from 10am

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Wednesday:.10am till 5pm
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Happy for bookings outside these hours by appointment